Lunch at kasbah

I went to kasbah,which is a three floor restaurant. One is for Italian food,other one is for bar andIndian another cuisine were also served there. Third floor restaurant got closed. We went on the second floor in All bar one.

I loved the interior of the restaurant. It was spacious, comfortable seating area,  lovely ambience and pretty classy.



We ordered masala papad,fresh lime soda
Masala papad


Fresh lime soda


Naan n missi roti


In the main course we ordered naan,missi roti, paneer makhmali,mix raita and dal tadka.

Paneer makhmali


Best in food
Masala papad, missi roti and  paneer makhmali were awesome.

Dal tadka


I was really impressed with the servers. They were quite attentive and courteous.

It is easy to find and lot of parking space is there. It is located in G.K , N block market.

Overall I would love to give
Ambience 4/5
Food 4/5
Location 4/5
Servers 5/5

I would love to go their again and again.

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Kids’ Kitchen

No bake easy cupcakes
Ten digestive biscuits
2 table spoon drinking chocolate powder
A bar of chocolate
50grams of butter

Crush the biscuits and nuts.
Add drinking chocolate powder and mix well.
Add  the butter and fold the mixture.
Put milk as required and mix the mixture until it’s firm.
Spoon the mixture into the cup cakes cases and refrigerate for two hours.
Melt your chocolate to decorate.
Easy cupcakes are ready.


In today’s world people are in search of happiness but they are unable to find it. Happiness is in yourself. You don’t need others to make you happy. You are the only one who can make yourself happy.
It in your hand. Your company is the best company. Always listen to your heart, don’t think about others.
Happiness lies all around you. It can be felt everywhere like in the beauty of nature,helping others.
Smile is one of the best way to give happiness to someone. Your smile can make someone’s day.
Sorrows are part of life but their solution is the final destination of happiness. 
So,focus on your happiness don’t rely on others and always be happy.

Khubani Ka Halwa

Hello friends, today i am going to share a recipe with you. It’s a Hyderabadi dish. The name of the dish is Khubani Ka Halwa.
Khubani is an urdu word, which means dried apricots.

Khubani ka halwa

Dried apricots             2 cups
Ghee                          1/4 cup
Sugar                         1/2 cup
Grated khoya              3/4 cup
Cardamom powder      1 tablespoon

Serves 4
Ready in 40 minutes

Wash and soak dry apricots for 4-6 hours in warm water.
When the apricots become soft and pulpy drain the water.
Remove the seeds and chop them finely.
Heat ghee in the pan.
Add the finely chopped apricots in the pan and stir them on medium heat until apricots separates from ghee.
Add sugar and stir it until sugar is dissolved.
Add grated khoya and cardamom powder, keep stirring until the mixture becomes a thick paste.
Garnish with almonds and serve warm